Graphic or Web Designers


After gathering some thoughts, we divided bite-sized idea to make it easy to digest. These small list should help you  get better idea of which career suits you best – Graphic or Web Designers ?


Graphic designers …

Art first

Communicate with their audience

Artistic  with a pen and paper

With visual theory in their designs

Must focus on their  audience

Know how on transferring design translates to print

Get their design right once before it’s printed

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Web designers …

Knows their art to be connected to internet technology

Knows  mutual interaction between their audience

Very technical interms of coding and programming

Employ some engineering methods  to their designs

Must know  how a design can influence their audience

Need to know how to design for  laptop, tablet and smartphone

Can enhance and  develop their work easily

So after knowing  graphic and  web designing on different levels, you should be able to determine confidently the field  you think you could excel.


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