Spiritual Coach or Therapist, Where To Go?

Coaching professionals provide a distinct task that helps clients on their goals for the future then create a new life path for them. They say counselors spend efforts examining the past, searching for solutions to emotional issues and provide diagnosis required by insurance firms. Coaches relationships establish with clients are also more shared responsibility in nature. Coaches work with their clients in a less structured surrounding as a team rather than “doctor-patient” relationship.

If you want to make changes in your life, congratulations on taking the first step! The next step often involves the question: Which is right for you—therapy or coaching?

Therapist’s work is a deep inner service on resolving mild to critical psychological problems. If you have addictions like alcohol and drugs, trauma, anxiety, therapy is the right one for you. Therapists take insurance not coaches.

Quoted from www.jasonlincolnjeffers.com

If you see yourself as “stuck” in life, chronically suffering (emotionally or physically), or facing an onslaught of one annoying problem after another, or simply at a crossroads with your career and don’t know which path to follow, then spiritual life coaching can be very helpful and transformational.

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