Why SEO is So Expensive

Some SEO Company clients are surprised when they find out what genuine SEO services can actually cost them. But when you think about it, choosing to work with the cheapest SEO service out there could prove to be more expensive.

  • Amateurish SEO efforts can cost you more. People who balk at the prices that professional SEO companies charge often try to do it themselves or go with cheaper SEO companies. But this is such a precarious proposition.

At best, foregoing professional SEO service 3W Access Blog Site will waste your time and money. It’s as if you’re trying to learn what the professionals have already mastered after years of learning the skill. Your SEO efforts won’t be as effective, and the positive results will take too long to achieve (if ever).

But there’s always the temptation of using shortcuts, and that can even be more costly. Tactics like plagiarizing other people’s content or paying for backlinks can actually get your website delisted from Google results.

  • You get what you pay for. Professional SEO services are expensive because you’re paying for excellence, gained through extensive training and years of experience. SEO companies employ talented pros and use complicated tools, and these will cost money.

In sports, the proven star players like LeBron James, Peyton Manning, and Justin Verlander cost more because they’ve proven their skills and the demand for their services is great. It’s the same thing for the best lawyers, doctors, and plumbers. And it’s true for SEO companies as well.

  • You’ll need professionally written content. Google came into prominence because it proved itself capable of providing quality websites their users were looking for. These people are looking for websites which provide useful, relevant, interesting and unique content. And essentially, that’s what Google is looking for—quality content.

But again, quality content is not easy to come by. You may be a good businessman, but that doesn’t mean that you are a great writer. It doesn’t mean you can present your ideas in a great article. And that doesn’t mean you know how to find the right photos, use infographics, and add videos on your website.

SEO companies can help with this, but again the professionals who provide quality content will cost more than your run of the mill writers.

  • Professional social media marketing is not cheap. Just as people once thought that they can do SEO by themselves and get impressive results,, currently many people also think that social networking is easy too. Social media is an integral part of SEO these days, but so many people think that they can do it themselves. After all, they participate in social media in their personal lives, so it’s just a matter of doing the same thing for ecommerce, right? Wrong.

Commercial social media is different. With professional social media marketing, you boost your SEO through proven effective means. With amateur social media efforts, the results aren’t as significant, and too much time and effort may be wasted.

Keep in mind, SEO is an ongoing process. It’s a race to get the lead and to stay as the leader. Just because you’re leading the race doesn’t mean you can become complacent. To keep your top spot, you need to keep going. The others behind you aren’t quitting, and neither should you.


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